Lower Shelton Road
Marston Moreteyne
MK43 0LS
Tel: 01234 768269


Head-teacher:  Mrs Fran Murray

This is a small village school, situated on the outskirts of Marston Moreteyne. Children are normally admitted to school at the start of the term following their fourth birthday. Currently there are three classes, covering about 70 children through our age range.
Normally these are smaller groups than often found in larger schools, so teachers have a greater opportunity to know children individually, and can plan work to suit all abilities. Children are valued and nurtured as individuals in the family atmosphere pervading the school.
The aims of the school are:-
  • to develop independence, self-confidence and self discipline in order that each child may achieve its full potential.
  • to develop fully all aspects of a child's growth: intellectual, moral, social, physical and emotional.
  • to provide an environment which is organised, industrious and stimulating.
There are extensive and attractive grounds which include an environmental area and a football pitch, a trim trail and a covered play space for the younger children.
Our motto is 'The Small School with the Big Heart' and we work hard to live up to it!